HOPE: A Reinforcement Learning-based Hybrid Policy Path Planner for Diverse Parking Scenarios

  • 2024-05-31 03:17:51
  • Mingyang Jiang, Yueyuan Li, Songan Zhang, Chunxiang Wang, Ming Yang
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Path planning plays a pivotal role in automated parking, yet current methodsstruggle to efficiently handle the intricate and diverse parking scenarios. Onepotential solution is the reinforcement learning-based method, leveraging itsexploration in unrecorded situations. However, a key challenge lies in trainingreinforcement learning methods is the inherent randomness in converging to afeasible policy. This paper introduces a novel solution, the Hybrid POlicy PathplannEr (HOPE), which integrates a reinforcement learning agent withReeds-Shepp curves, enabling effective planning across diverse scenarios. Thepaper presents a method to calculate and implement an action mask mechanism inpath planning, significantly boosting the efficiency and effectiveness ofreinforcement learning training. A transformer is employed as the networkstructure to fuse environmental information and generate planned paths. Tofacilitate the training and evaluation of the proposed planner, we propose acriterion for categorizing the difficulty level of parking scenarios based onspace and obstacle distribution. Experimental results demonstrate that ourapproach outperforms typical rule-based algorithms and traditionalreinforcement learning methods, showcasing higher planning success rates andgeneralization across various scenarios. The code for our solution will beopenly available on \href{GitHub}{https://github.com/jiamiya/HOPE}. % after thepaper's acceptance.


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