Advancing Household Robotics: Deep Interactive Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Training and Enhanced Performance

  • 2024-05-29 02:46:50
  • Arpita Soni, Sujatha Alla, Suresh Dodda, Hemanth Volikatla
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The market for domestic robots made to perform household chores is growing asthese robots relieve people of everyday responsibilities. Domestic robots aregenerally welcomed for their role in easing human labor, in contrast toindustrial robots, which are frequently criticized for displacing humanworkers. But before these robots can carry out domestic chores, they need tobecome proficient in several minor activities, such as recognizing theirsurroundings, making decisions, and picking up on human behaviors.Reinforcement learning, or RL, has emerged as a key robotics technology thatenables robots to interact with their environment and learn how to optimizetheir actions to maximize rewards. However, the goal of Deep ReinforcementLearning is to address more complicated, continuous action-state spaces inreal-world settings by combining RL with Neural Networks. The efficacy ofDeepRL can be further augmented through interactive feedback, in which atrainer offers real-time guidance to expedite the robot's learning process.Nevertheless, the current methods have drawbacks, namely the transientapplication of guidance that results in repeated learning under identicalconditions. Therefore, we present a novel method to preserve and reuseinformation and advice via Deep Interactive Reinforcement Learning, whichutilizes a persistent rule-based system. This method not only expedites thetraining process but also lessens the number of repetitions that instructorswill have to carry out. This study has the potential to advance the developmentof household robots and improve their effectiveness and efficiency as learners.


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