PyTAG: Tabletop Games for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

  • 2024-05-28 13:30:28
  • Martin Balla, George E. M. Long, James Goodman, Raluca D. Gaina, Diego Perez-Liebana
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Modern Tabletop Games present various interesting challenges for Multi-agentReinforcement Learning. In this paper, we introduce PyTAG, a new framework thatsupports interacting with a large collection of games implemented in theTabletop Games framework. In this work we highlight the challenges tabletopgames provide, from a game-playing agent perspective, along with theopportunities they provide for future research. Additionally, we highlight thetechnical challenges that involve training Reinforcement Learning agents onthese games. To explore the Multi-agent setting provided by PyTAG we train thepopular Proximal Policy Optimisation Reinforcement Learning algorithm usingself-play on a subset of games and evaluate the trained policies against somesimple agents and Monte-Carlo Tree Search implemented in the Tabletop Gamesframework.


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