Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks (KANs) for Time Series Analysis

  • 2024-05-14 18:38:17
  • Cristian J. Vaca-Rubio, Luis Blanco, Roberto Pereira, M├árius Caus
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This paper introduces a novel application of Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks(KANs) to time series forecasting, leveraging their adaptive activationfunctions for enhanced predictive modeling. Inspired by the Kolmogorov-Arnoldrepresentation theorem, KANs replace traditional linear weights withspline-parametrized univariate functions, allowing them to learn activationpatterns dynamically. We demonstrate that KANs outperforms conventionalMulti-Layer Perceptrons (MLPs) in a real-world satellite traffic forecastingtask, providing more accurate results with considerably fewer number oflearnable parameters. We also provide an ablation study of KAN-specificparameters impact on performance. The proposed approach opens new avenues foradaptive forecasting models, emphasizing the potential of KANs as a powerfultool in predictive analytics.


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