Zero-Shot Reinforcement Learning via Function Encoders

  • 2024-05-11 16:04:54
  • Tyler Ingebrand, Amy Zhang, Ufuk Topcu
  • 0


Although reinforcement learning (RL) can solve many challenging sequentialdecision making problems, achieving zero-shot transfer across related tasksremains a challenge. The difficulty lies in finding a good representation forthe current task so that the agent understands how it relates to previouslyseen tasks. To achieve zero-shot transfer, we introduce the function encoder, arepresentation learning algorithm which represents a function as a weightedcombination of learned, non-linear basis functions. By using a function encoderto represent the reward function or the transition function, the agent hasinformation on how the current task relates to previously seen tasks via acoherent vector representation. Thus, the agent is able to achieve transferbetween related tasks at run time with no additional training. We demonstratestate-of-the-art data efficiency, asymptotic performance, and trainingstability in three RL fields by augmenting basic RL algorithms with a functionencoder task representation.


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