Branching Narratives: Character Decision Points Detection

  • 2024-05-12 14:36:07
  • Alexey Tikhonov
  • 0


This paper presents the Character Decision Points Detection (CHADPOD) task, atask of identification of points within narratives where characters makedecisions that may significantly influence the story's direction. We propose anovel dataset based on CYOA-like games graphs to be used as a benchmark forsuch a task. We provide a comparative analysis of different models' performanceon this task, including a couple of LLMs and several MLMs as baselines,achieving up to 89% accuracy. This underscores the complexity of narrativeanalysis, showing the challenges associated with understanding character-drivenstory dynamics. Additionally, we show how such a model can be applied to theexisting text to produce linear segments divided by potential branching points,demonstrating the practical application of our findings in narrative analysis.


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