Parallax-Tolerant Image Stitching with Epipolar Displacement Field

  • 2024-05-13 15:23:00
  • Jian Yu, Feipeng Da
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Image stitching with parallax is still a challenging task. Existing methodsoften struggle to maintain both the local and global structures of the imagewhile reducing alignment artifacts and warping distortions. In this paper, wepropose a novel approach that utilizes epipolar geometry to establish a warpingtechnique based on the epipolar displacement field. Initially, the warping rulefor pixels in the epipolar geometry is established through the infinitehomography. Subsequently, the epipolar displacement field, which represents thesliding distance of the warped pixel along the epipolar line, is formulated bythin-plate splines based on the principle of local elastic deformation. Thestitching result can be generated by inversely warping the pixels according tothe epipolar displacement field. This method incorporates the epipolarconstraints in the warping rule, which ensures high-quality alignment andmaintains the projectivity of the panorama. Qualitative and quantitativecomparative experiments demonstrate the competitiveness of the proposed methodfor stitching images with large parallax.


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