Kreyòl-MT: Building MT for Latin American, Caribbean and Colonial African Creole Languages

  • 2024-05-13 18:21:56
  • Nathaniel R. Robinson, Raj Dabre, Ammon Shurtz, Rasul Dent, Onenamiyi Onesi, Claire Bizon Monroc, Loïc Grobol, Hasan Muhammad, Ashi Garg, Naome A. Etori, Vijay Murari Tiyyala, Olanrewaju Samuel, Matthew Dean Stutzman, Bismarck Bamfo Odoom, Sanjeev Khudanpur, Stephen D. Richardson, Kenton Murray
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A majority of language technologies are tailored for a small number ofhigh-resource languages, while relatively many low-resource languages areneglected. One such group, Creole languages, have long been marginalized inacademic study, though their speakers could benefit from machine translation(MT). These languages are predominantly used in much of Latin America, Africaand the Caribbean. We present the largest cumulative dataset to date for Creolelanguage MT, including 14.5M unique Creole sentences with parallel translations-- 11.6M of which we release publicly, and the largest bitexts gathered to datefor 41 languages -- the first ever for 21. In addition, we provide MT modelssupporting all 41 Creole languages in 172 translation directions. Given ourdiverse dataset, we produce a model for Creole language MT exposed to moregenre diversity than ever before, which outperforms a genre-specific Creole MTmodel on its own benchmark for 26 of 34 translation directions.


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