Natural Language Processing RELIES on Linguistics

  • 2024-05-09 18:59:32
  • Juri Opitz, Shira Wein, Nathan Schneider
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Large Language Models (LLMs) have become capable of generating highly fluenttext in certain languages, without modules specially designed to capturegrammar or semantic coherence. What does this mean for the future of linguisticexpertise in NLP? We highlight several aspects in which NLP (still) relies onlinguistics, or where linguistic thinking can illuminate new directions. Weargue our case around the acronym $RELIES$ that encapsulates six major facetswhere linguistics contributes to NLP: $R$esources, $E$valuation, $L$ow-resourcesettings, $I$nterpretability, $E$xplanation, and the $S$tudy of language. Thislist is not exhaustive, nor is linguistics the main point of reference forevery effort under these themes; but at a macro level, these facets highlightthe enduring importance of studying machine systems vis-a-vis systems of humanlanguage.


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