Interest point detectors stability evaluation on ApolloScape dataset

  • 2018-09-28 14:06:30
  • Jacek Komorowski, Konrad Czarnota, Tomasz Trzcinski, Lukasz Dabala, Simon Lynen
  • 18


In the recent years, a number of novel, deep-learning based, interest pointdetectors, such as LIFT, DELF, Superpoint or LF-Net was proposed. Howeverthere's a lack of a standard benchmark to evaluate suitability of these novelkeypoint detectors for real-live applications such as autonomous driving.Traditional benchmarks (e.g. Oxford VGG) are rather limited, as they consist ofrelatively few images of mostly planar scenes taken in favourable conditions.In this paper we verify if the recent, deep-learning based interest pointdetectors have the advantage over the traditional, hand-crafted keypointdetectors. To this end, we evaluate stability of a number of hand crafted andrecent, learning-based interest point detectors on the street-level viewApolloScape dataset.


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