Robot Air Hockey: A Manipulation Testbed for Robot Learning with Reinforcement Learning

  • 2024-05-06 03:13:08
  • Caleb Chuck, Carl Qi, Michael J. Munje, Shuozhe Li, Max Rudolph, Chang Shi, Siddhant Agarwal, Harshit Sikchi, Abhinav Peri, Sarthak Dayal, Evan Kuo, Kavan Mehta, Anthony Wang, Peter Stone, Amy Zhang, Scott Niekum
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Reinforcement Learning is a promising tool for learning complex policies evenin fast-moving and object-interactive domains where human teleoperation orhard-coded policies might fail. To effectively reflect this challengingcategory of tasks, we introduce a dynamic, interactive RL testbed based onrobot air hockey. By augmenting air hockey with a large family of tasks rangingfrom easy tasks like reaching, to challenging ones like pushing a block byhitting it with a puck, as well as goal-based and human-interactive tasks, ourtestbed allows a varied assessment of RL capabilities. The robot air hockeytestbed also supports sim-to-real transfer with three domains: two simulatorsof increasing fidelity and a real robot system. Using a dataset ofdemonstration data gathered through two teleoperation systems: a virtualizedcontrol environment, and human shadowing, we assess the testbed with behaviorcloning, offline RL, and RL from scratch.


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