Layers of technology in pluriversal design. Decolonising language technology with the LiveLanguage initiative

  • 2024-05-03 00:52:39
  • Gertraud Koch, Gábor Bella, Paula Helm, Fausto Giunchiglia
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Language technology has the potential to facilitate interculturalcommunication through meaningful translations. However, the current state oflanguage technology is deeply entangled with colonial knowledge due to pathdependencies and neo-colonial tendencies in the global governance of artificialintelligence (AI). Language technology is a complex and emerging field thatpresents challenges for co-design interventions due to enfolding in assemblagesof global scale and diverse sites and its knowledge intensity. This paper usesLiveLanguage, a lexical database, a set of services with particular emphasis onmodelling language diversity and integrating small and minority languages, asan example to discuss and close the gap from pluriversal design theory topractice. By diversifying the concept of emerging technology, we can betterapproach language technology in global contexts. The paper presents a modelcomprising of five layers of technological activity. Each layer consists ofspecific practices and stakeholders, thus provides distinctive spaces forco-design interventions as mode of inquiry for de-linking, re-thinking andre-building language technology towards pluriversality. In that way, the papercontributes to reflecting the position of co-design in decolonising emergenttechnologies, and to integrating complex theoretical knowledge towardsdecoloniality into language technology design.


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