A Hong Kong Sign Language Corpus Collected from Sign-interpreted TV News

  • 2024-05-02 04:33:17
  • Zhe Niu, Ronglai Zuo, Brian Mak, Fangyun Wei
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This paper introduces TVB-HKSL-News, a new Hong Kong sign language (HKSL)dataset collected from a TV news program over a period of 7 months. The datasetis collected to enrich resources for HKSL and support research inlarge-vocabulary continuous sign language recognition (SLR) and translation(SLT). It consists of 16.07 hours of sign videos of two signers with avocabulary of 6,515 glosses (for SLR) and 2,850 Chinese characters or 18KChinese words (for SLT). One signer has 11.66 hours of sign videos and theother has 4.41 hours. One objective in building the dataset is to support theinvestigation of how well large-vocabulary continuous sign languagerecognition/translation can be done for a single signer given a (relatively)large amount of his/her training data, which could potentially lead to thedevelopment of new modeling methods. Besides, most parts of the data collectionpipeline are automated with little human intervention; we believe that ourcollection method can be scaled up to collect more sign language data easilyfor SLT in the future for any sign languages if such sign-interpreted videosare available. We also run a SOTA SLR/SLT model on the dataset and get abaseline SLR word error rate of 34.08% and a baseline SLT BLEU-4 score of 23.58for benchmarking future research on the dataset.


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