Is Temperature the Creativity Parameter of Large Language Models?

  • 2024-05-01 13:59:37
  • Max Peeperkorn, Tom Kouwenhoven, Dan Brown, Anna Jordanous
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Large language models (LLMs) are applied to all sorts of creative tasks, andtheir outputs vary from beautiful, to peculiar, to pastiche, into plainplagiarism. The temperature parameter of an LLM regulates the amount ofrandomness, leading to more diverse outputs; therefore, it is often claimed tobe the creativity parameter. Here, we investigate this claim using a narrativegeneration task with a predetermined fixed context, model and prompt.Specifically, we present an empirical analysis of the LLM output for differenttemperature values using four necessary conditions for creativity in narrativegeneration: novelty, typicality, cohesion, and coherence. We find thattemperature is weakly correlated with novelty, and unsurprisingly, moderatelycorrelated with incoherence, but there is no relationship with either cohesionor typicality. However, the influence of temperature on creativity is far morenuanced and weak than suggested by the "creativity parameter" claim; overallresults suggest that the LLM generates slightly more novel outputs astemperatures get higher. Finally, we discuss ideas to allow more controlled LLMcreativity, rather than relying on chance via changing the temperatureparameter.


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