3D Reconstruction of Interacting Multi-Person in Clothing from a Single Image

  • 2024-04-02 05:00:30
  • Junuk Cha, Hansol Lee, Jaewon Kim, Nhat Nguyen Bao Truong, Jae Shin Yoon, Seungryul Baek
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This paper introduces a novel pipeline to reconstruct the geometry ofinteracting multi-person in clothing on a globally coherent scene space from asingle image. The main challenge arises from the occlusion: a part of a humanbody is not visible from a single view due to the occlusion by others or theself, which introduces missing geometry and physical implausibility (e.g.,penetration). We overcome this challenge by utilizing two human priors forcomplete 3D geometry and surface contacts. For the geometry prior, an encoderlearns to regress the image of a person with missing body parts to the latentvectors; a decoder decodes these vectors to produce 3D features of theassociated geometry; and an implicit network combines these features with asurface normal map to reconstruct a complete and detailed 3D humans. For thecontact prior, we develop an image-space contact detector that outputs aprobability distribution of surface contacts between people in 3D. We use thesepriors to globally refine the body poses, enabling the penetration-free andaccurate reconstruction of interacting multi-person in clothing on the scenespace. The results demonstrate that our method is complete, globally coherent,and physically plausible compared to existing methods.


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