Simulating Opinion Dynamics with Networks of LLM-based Agents

  • 2024-04-01 02:12:35
  • Yun-Shiuan Chuang, Agam Goyal, Nikunj Harlalka, Siddharth Suresh, Robert Hawkins, Sijia Yang, Dhavan Shah, Junjie Hu, Timothy T. Rogers
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Accurately simulating human opinion dynamics is crucial for understanding avariety of societal phenomena, including polarization and the spread ofmisinformation. However, the agent-based models (ABMs) commonly used for suchsimulations often over-simplify human behavior. We propose a new approach tosimulating opinion dynamics based on populations of Large Language Models(LLMs). Our findings reveal a strong inherent bias in LLM agents towardsproducing accurate information, leading simulated agents to consensus in linewith scientific reality. This bias limits their utility for understandingresistance to consensus views on issues like climate change. After inducingconfirmation bias through prompt engineering, however, we observed opinionfragmentation in line with existing agent-based modeling and opinion dynamicsresearch. These insights highlight the promise and limitations of LLM agents inthis domain and suggest a path forward: refining LLMs with real-world discourseto better simulate the evolution of human beliefs.


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