Multi-Review Fusion-in-Context

  • 2024-04-01 00:23:46
  • Aviv Slobodkin, Ori Shapira, Ran Levy, Ido Dagan
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Grounded text generation, encompassing tasks such as long-formquestion-answering and summarization, necessitates both content selection andcontent consolidation. Current end-to-end methods are difficult to control andinterpret due to their opaqueness. Accordingly, recent works have proposed amodular approach, with separate components for each step. Specifically, wefocus on the second subtask, of generating coherent text given pre-selectedcontent in a multi-document setting. Concretely, we formalize Fusion-in-Context(FiC) as a standalone task, whose input consists of source texts withhighlighted spans of targeted content. A model then needs to generate acoherent passage that includes all and only the target information. Our workincludes the development of a curated dataset of 1000 instances in the reviewsdomain, alongside a novel evaluation framework for assessing the faithfulnessand coverage of highlights, which strongly correlate to human judgment. Severalbaseline models exhibit promising outcomes and provide insightful analyses.This study lays the groundwork for further exploration of modular textgeneration in the multi-document setting, offering potential improvements inthe quality and reliability of generated content. Our benchmark, FuseReviews,including the dataset, evaluation framework, and designated leaderboard, can befound at


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