PACE: A Large-Scale Dataset with Pose Annotations in Cluttered Environments

  • 2024-04-01 01:22:18
  • Yang You, Kai Xiong, Zhening Yang, Zhengxiang Huang, Junwei Zhou, Ruoxi Shi, Zhou Fang, Adam W. Harley, Leonidas Guibas, Cewu Lu
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Pose estimation is a crucial task in computer vision and robotics, enablingthe tracking and manipulation of objects in images or videos. While severaldatasets exist for pose estimation, there is a lack of large-scale datasetsspecifically focusing on cluttered scenes with occlusions. We introduce PACE(Pose Annotations in Cluttered Environments), a large-scale benchmark designedto advance the development and evaluation of pose estimation methods incluttered scenarios. PACE consists of 54,945 frames with 257,673 annotationsacross 300 videos, covering 576 objects from 44 categories and featuring a mixof rigid and articulated items in cluttered scenes. To annotate the real-worlddata efficiently, we developed an innovative annotation system utilizing acalibrated 3-camera setup. We test state-of-the-art algorithms in PACE alongtwo tracks: pose estimation, and object pose tracking, revealing thebenchmark's challenges and research opportunities. Our code and data isavailable on


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