Mol-AIR: Molecular Reinforcement Learning with Adaptive Intrinsic Rewards for Goal-directed Molecular Generation

  • 2024-03-29 11:44:51
  • Jinyeong Park, Jaegyoon Ahn, Jonghwan Choi, Jibum Kim
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Optimizing techniques for discovering molecular structures with desiredproperties is crucial in artificial intelligence(AI)-based drug discovery.Combining deep generative models with reinforcement learning has emerged as aneffective strategy for generating molecules with specific properties. Despiteits potential, this approach is ineffective in exploring the vast chemicalspace and optimizing particular chemical properties. To overcome theselimitations, we present Mol-AIR, a reinforcement learning-based framework usingadaptive intrinsic rewards for effective goal-directed molecular generation.Mol-AIR leverages the strengths of both history-based and learning-basedintrinsic rewards by exploiting random distillation network and counting-basedstrategies. In benchmark tests, Mol-AIR demonstrates superior performance overexisting approaches in generating molecules with desired properties without anyprior knowledge, including penalized LogP, QED, and celecoxib similarity. Webelieve that Mol-AIR represents a significant advancement in drug discovery,offering a more efficient path to discovering novel therapeutics.


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