Chinese Offensive Language Detection:Current Status and Future Directions

  • 2024-03-28 06:27:43
  • Yunze Xiao, Houda Bouamor, Wajdi Zaghouani
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Despite the considerable efforts being made to monitor and regulateuser-generated content on social media platforms, the pervasiveness ofoffensive language, such as hate speech or cyberbullying, in the digital spaceremains a significant challenge. Given the importance of maintaining acivilized and respectful online environment, there is an urgent and growingneed for automatic systems capable of detecting offensive speech in real time.However, developing effective systems for processing languages such as Chinesepresents a significant challenge, owing to the language's complex and nuancednature, which makes it difficult to process automatically. This paper providesa comprehensive overview of offensive language detection in Chinese, examiningcurrent benchmarks and approaches and highlighting specific models and toolsfor addressing the unique challenges of detecting offensive language in thiscomplex language. The primary objective of this survey is to explore theexisting techniques and identify potential avenues for further research thatcan address the cultural and linguistic complexities of Chinese.


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