Transition Graph Properties of Target Class Classification

  • 2024-03-22 13:37:14
  • Levon Aslanyan, Hasmik Sahakyan
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Target class classification is a mixed classification and transition modelwhose integrated goal is to assign objects to a certain, so called target ornormal class. The classification process is iterative, and in each step anobject in a certain class undergoes an action attached to that class,initiating the transition of the object to one of the classes. The sequence oftransitions, which we call class transitions, must be designed to provide thefinal assignment of objects to the target class. The transition process can bedescribed in the form of a directed graph, and the success of the finalclassification is mainly due to the properties of this graph. In our previousresearch we showed that the desirable structure of the transition graph is anoriented rooted tree with orientation towards the root vertex, whichcorresponds to the normal class. It is clear that the transition graph of anarbitrary algorithm (policy) may not have this property. In this paper we studythe structure of realistic transition graphs, which makes it possible to findclassification inconsistencies, helping to transfer it into the desired form.The medical interpretation of dynamic treatment regime considered in thearticle further clarifies the investigated framework.


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