Integrating Large Language Models for Severity Classification in Traffic Incident Management: A Machine Learning Approach

  • 2024-03-20 13:33:51
  • Artur Grigorev, Khaled Saleh, Yuming Ou, Adriana-Simona Mihaita
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This study evaluates the impact of large language models on enhancing machinelearning processes for managing traffic incidents. It examines the extent towhich features generated by modern language models improve or match theaccuracy of predictions when classifying the severity of incidents usingaccident reports. Multiple comparisons performed between combinations oflanguage models and machine learning algorithms, including Gradient BoostedDecision Trees, Random Forests, and Extreme Gradient Boosting. Our researchuses both conventional and language model-derived features from texts andincident reports, and their combinations to perform severity classification.Incorporating features from language models with those directly obtained fromincident reports has shown to improve, or at least match, the performance ofmachine learning techniques in assigning severity levels to incidents,particularly when employing Random Forests and Extreme Gradient Boostingmethods. This comparison was quantified using the F1-score over uniformlysampled data sets to obtain balanced severity classes. The primary contributionof this research is in the demonstration of how Large Language Models can beintegrated into machine learning workflows for incident management, therebysimplifying feature extraction from unstructured text and enhancing or matchingthe precision of severity predictions using conventional machine learningpipeline. The engineering application of this research is illustrated throughthe effective use of these language processing models to refine the modellingprocess for incident severity classification. This work provides significantinsights into the application of language processing capabilities incombination with traditional data for improving machine learning pipelines inthe context of classifying incident severity.


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