Defining Effective Engagement For Enhancing Cancer Patients' Well-being with Mobile Digital Behavior Change Interventions

  • 2024-03-19 17:55:05
  • Aneta Lisowska, Szymon Wilk, Laura Locati, Mimma Rizzo, Lucia Sacchi, Silvana Quaglini, Matteo Terzaghi, Valentina Tibollo, Mor Peleg
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Digital Behavior Change Interventions (DBCIs) are supporting development ofnew health behaviors. Evaluating their effectiveness is crucial for theirimprovement and understanding of success factors. However, comprehensiveguidance for developers, particularly in small-scale studies with ethicalconstraints, is limited. Building on the CAPABLE project, this study aims todefine effective engagement with DBCIs for supporting cancer patients inenhancing their quality of life. We identify metrics for measuring engagement,explore the interest of both patients and clinicians in DBCIs, and proposehypotheses for assessing the impact of DBCIs in such contexts. Our findingssuggest that clinician prescriptions significantly increase sustainedengagement with mobile DBCIs. In addition, while one weekly engagement with aDBCI is sufficient to maintain well-being, transitioning from extrinsic tointrinsic motivation may require a higher level of engagement.


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