DynamicGlue: Epipolar and Time-Informed Data Association in Dynamic Environments using Graph Neural Networks

  • 2024-03-19 10:12:00
  • Theresa Huber, Simon Schaefer, Stefan Leutenegger
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The assumption of a static environment is common in many geometric computervision tasks like SLAM but limits their applicability in highly dynamic scenes.Since these tasks rely on identifying point correspondences between inputimages within the static part of the environment, we propose a graph neuralnetwork-based sparse feature matching network designed to perform robustmatching under challenging conditions while excluding keypoints on movingobjects. We employ a similar scheme of attentional aggregation over graph edgesto enhance keypoint representations as state-of-the-art feature-matchingnetworks but augment the graph with epipolar and temporal information andvastly reduce the number of graph edges. Furthermore, we introduce aself-supervised training scheme to extract pseudo labels for image pairs indynamic environments from exclusively unprocessed visual-inertial data. Aseries of experiments show the superior performance of our network as itexcludes keypoints on moving objects compared to state-of-the-art featurematching networks while still achieving similar results regarding conventionalmatching metrics. When integrated into a SLAM system, our network significantlyimproves performance, especially in highly dynamic scenes.


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