Towards Generalizing to Unseen Domains with Few Labels

  • 2024-03-19 04:33:22
  • Chamuditha Jayanga Galappaththige, Sanoojan Baliah, Malitha Gunawardhana, Muhammad Haris Khan
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We approach the challenge of addressing semi-supervised domain generalization(SSDG). Specifically, our aim is to obtain a model that learnsdomain-generalizable features by leveraging a limited subset of labelled dataalongside a substantially larger pool of unlabeled data. Existing domaingeneralization (DG) methods which are unable to exploit unlabeled data performpoorly compared to semi-supervised learning (SSL) methods under SSDG setting.Nevertheless, SSL methods have considerable room for performance improvementwhen compared to fully-supervised DG training. To tackle this underexplored,yet highly practical problem of SSDG, we make the following core contributions.First, we propose a feature-based conformity technique that matches theposterior distributions from the feature space with the pseudo-label from themodel's output space. Second, we develop a semantics alignment loss to learnsemantically-compatible representations by regularizing the semantic structurein the feature space. Our method is plug-and-play and can be readily integratedwith different SSL-based SSDG baselines without introducing any additionalparameters. Extensive experimental results across five challenging DGbenchmarks with four strong SSL baselines suggest that our method providesconsistent and notable gains in two different SSDG settings.


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