Discovering Features in Sr$_{14}$Cu$_{24}$O$_{41}$ Neutron Single Crystal Diffraction Data by Cluster Analysis

  • 2018-09-13 16:16:36
  • Yawei Hui, Yaohua Liu, Byung-Hoon Park
  • 11


To address the SMC'18 data challenge, "Discovering Features inSr$_{14}$Cu$_{24}$O$_{41}$", we have used the clustering algorithm "DBSCAN" toseparate the diffuse scattering features from the Bragg peaks, which takes intoaccount both spatial and photometric information in the dataset during in theclustering process. We find that, in additional to highly localized Braggpeaks, there exists broad diffuse scattering patterns consisting ofdistinguishable geometries. Besides these two distinctive features, we alsoidentify a third distinguishable feature submerged in the low signal-to-noiseregion in the reciprocal space, whose origin remains an open question.


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