Exploring Graph-structured Passage Representation for Multi-hop Reading Comprehension with Graph Neural Networks

  • 2018-09-06 15:18:14
  • Linfeng Song, Zhiguo Wang, Mo Yu, Yue Zhang, Radu Florian, Daniel Gildea
  • 15


Multi-hop reading comprehension focuses on one type of factoid question,where a system needs to properly integrate multiple pieces of evidence tocorrectly answer a question. Previous work approximates global evidence withlocal coreference information, encoding coreference chains with DAG-styled GRUlayers within a gated-attention reader. However, coreference is limited inproviding information for rich inference. We introduce a new method for betterconnecting global evidence, which forms more complex graphs compared to DAGs.To perform evidence integration on our graphs, we investigate two recent graphneural networks, namely graph convolutional network (GCN) and graph recurrentnetwork (GRN). Experiments on two standard datasets show that richer globalinformation leads to better answers. Our method performs better than allpublished results on these datasets.


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