Are adversarial examples inevitable?

  • 2018-09-06 17:26:58
  • Ali Shafahi, W. Ronny Huang, Christoph Studer, Soheil Feizi, Tom Goldstein
  • 22


A wide range of defenses have been proposed to harden neural networks againstadversarial attacks. However, a pattern has emerged in which the majority ofadversarial defenses are quickly broken by new attacks. Given the lack ofsuccess at generating robust defenses, we are led to ask a fundamentalquestion: Are adversarial attacks inevitable? This paper analyzes adversarial examples from a theoretical perspective, andidentifies fundamental bounds on the susceptibility of a classifier toadversarial attacks. We show that, for certain classes of problems, adversarialexamples are inescapable. Using experiments, we explore the implications oftheoretical guarantees for real-world problems and discuss how factors such asdimensionality and image complexity limit a classifier's robustness againstadversarial examples.


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