Optimizing Floors in First Price Auctions: an Empirical Study of Yahoo Advertising

  • 2024-02-09 17:44:51
  • Miguel Alcobendas, Jonathan Ji, Hemakumar Gokulakannan, Dawit Wami, Boris Kapchits, Emilien Pouradier Duteil, Korby Satow, Maria Rosario Levy Roman, Oriol Diaz, Amado A. Diaz Jr., Rabi Kavoori
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Floors (also known as reserve prices) help publishers to increase theexpected revenue of their ad space, which is usually sold via auctions. Floorsare defined as the minimum bid that a seller (it can be a publisher or an adexchange) is willing to accept for the inventory opportunity. In this paper, wepresent a model to set floors in first price auctions, and discuss the impactof its implementation on Yahoo sites. The model captures importantcharacteristics of the online advertising industry. For instance, some biddersimpose restrictions on how ad exchanges can handle data from bidders,conditioning the model choice to set reserve prices. Our solution inducesbidders to change their bidding behavior as a response to the floors enclosedin the bid request, helping online publishers to increase their ad revenue. The outlined methodology has been implemented at Yahoo with remarkableresults. The annualized incremental revenue is estimated at +1.3% on Yahoodisplay inventory, and +2.5% on video ad inventory. These are non-negligiblenumbers in the multi-million Yahoo ad business.


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