A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Dynamic Rebalancing in Bike-Sharing System

  • 2024-02-05 23:46:42
  • Jiaqi Liang, Sanjay Dominik Jena, Defeng Liu, Andrea Lodi
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Bike-Sharing Systems provide eco-friendly urban mobility, contributing to thealleviation of traffic congestion and to healthier lifestyles. Efficientlyoperating such systems and maintaining high customer satisfaction ischallenging due to the stochastic nature of trip demand, leading to full orempty stations. Devising effective rebalancing strategies using vehicles toredistribute bikes among stations is therefore of uttermost importance foroperators. As a promising alternative to classical mathematical optimization,reinforcement learning is gaining ground to solve sequential decision-makingproblems. This paper introduces a spatio-temporal reinforcement learningalgorithm for the dynamic rebalancing problem with multiple vehicles. We firstformulate the problem as a Multi-agent Markov Decision Process in a continuoustime framework. This allows for independent and cooperative vehiclerebalancing, eliminating the impractical restriction of time-discretized modelswhere vehicle departures are synchronized. A comprehensive simulator under thefirst-arrive-first-serve rule is then developed to facilitate the learningprocess by computing immediate rewards under diverse demand scenarios. Toestimate the value function and learn the rebalancing policy, various DeepQ-Network configurations are tested, minimizing the lost demand. Experimentsare carried out on various datasets generated from historical data, affected byboth temporal and weather factors. The proposed algorithms outperformbenchmarks, including a multi-period Mixed-Integer Programming model, in termsof lost demand. Once trained, it yields immediate decisions, making it suitablefor real-time applications. Our work offers practical insights for operatorsand enriches the integration of reinforcement learning into dynamic rebalancingproblems, paving the way for more intelligent and robust urban mobilitysolutions.


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