Evaluating explainability for machine learning predictions using model-agnostic metrics

  • 2024-01-29 18:56:08
  • Cristian Munoz, Kleyton da Costa, Bernardo Modenesi, Adriano Koshiyama
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Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have broughtabout a plethora of new challenges in terms of governance and regulation. AIsystems are being integrated into various industries and sectors, creating ademand from decision-makers to possess a comprehensive and nuancedunderstanding of the capabilities and limitations of these systems. Onecritical aspect of this demand is the ability to explain the results of machinelearning models, which is crucial to promoting transparency and trust in AIsystems, as well as fundamental in helping machine learning models to betrained ethically. In this paper, we present novel metrics to quantify thedegree of which AI model predictions can be easily explainable by its features.Our metrics summarize different aspects of explainability into scalars,providing a more comprehensive understanding of model predictions andfacilitating communication between decision-makers and stakeholders, therebyincreasing the overall transparency and accountability of AI systems.


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