User-Guided Deep Anime Line Art Colorization with Conditional Adversarial Networks

  • 2018-08-09 17:17:47
  • Yuanzheng Ci, Xinzhu Ma, Zhihui Wang, Haojie Li, Zhongxuan Luo
  • 33


Scribble colors based line art colorization is a challenging computer visionproblem since neither greyscale values nor semantic information is presented inline arts, and the lack of authentic illustration-line art training pairs alsoincreases difficulty of model generalization. Recently, several GenerativeAdversarial Nets (GANs) based methods have achieved great success. They cangenerate colorized illustrations conditioned on given line art and color hints.However, these methods fail to capture the authentic illustration distributionsand are hence perceptually unsatisfying in the sense that they are often lackof accurate shading. To address these challenges, we propose a novel deepconditional adversarial architecture for scribble based anime line artcolorization. Specifically, we integrate the conditional framework with WGAN-GPcriteria as well as the perceptual loss to enable us to robustly train a deepnetwork that makes the synthesized images more natural and real. We alsointroduce a local features network that is independent of synthetic data. WithGANs conditioned on features from such network, we notably increase thegeneralization capability over "in the wild" line arts. Furthermore, we collecttwo datasets that provide high-quality colorful illustrations and authenticline arts for training and benchmarking. With the proposed model trained on ourillustration dataset, we demonstrate that images synthesized by the presentedapproach are considerably more realistic and precise than alternativeapproaches.


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