Learning interactions to boost human creativity with bandits and GPT-4

  • 2023-11-16 16:53:17
  • Ara Vartanian, Xiaoxi Sun, Yun-Shiuan Chuang, Siddharth Suresh, Xiaojin Zhu, Timothy T. Rogers
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This paper considers how interactions with AI algorithms can boost humancreative thought. We employ a psychological task that demonstrates limits onhuman creativity, namely semantic feature generation: given a concept name,respondents must list as many of its features as possible. Human participantstypically produce only a fraction of the features they know before getting"stuck." In experiments with humans and with a language AI (GPT-4) we contrastbehavior in the standard task versus a variant in which participants can askfor algorithmically-generated hints. Algorithm choice is administered by amulti-armed bandit whose reward indicates whether the hint helped generatingmore features. Humans and the AI show similar benefits from hints, andremarkably, bandits learning from AI responses prefer the same promptingstrategy as those learning from human behavior. The results suggest thatstrategies for boosting human creativity via computer interactions can belearned by bandits run on groups of simulated participants.


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