SelfEval: Leveraging the discriminative nature of generative models for evaluation

  • 2023-11-17 18:58:16
  • Sai Saketh Rambhatla, Ishan Misra
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In this work, we show that text-to-image generative models can be 'inverted'to assess their own text-image understanding capabilities in a completelyautomated manner. Our method, called SelfEval, uses the generative model to compute thelikelihood of real images given text prompts, making the generative modeldirectly applicable to discriminative tasks. Using SelfEval, we repurpose standard datasets created for evaluatingmultimodal text-image discriminative models to evaluate generative models in afine-grained manner: assessing their performance on attribute binding, colorrecognition, counting, shape recognition, spatial understanding. To the best of our knowledge SelfEval is the first automated metric to show ahigh degree of agreement for measuring text-faithfulness with the gold-standardhuman evaluations across multiple models and benchmarks. Moreover, SelfEval enables us to evaluate generative models on challengingtasks such as Winoground image-score where they demonstrate competitiveperformance to discriminative models. We also show severe drawbacks of standard automated metrics such asCLIP-score to measure text faithfulness on benchmarks such as DrawBench, andhow SelfEval sidesteps these issues. We hope SelfEval enables easy and reliable automated evaluation for diffusionmodels.


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