PCN: Point Completion Network

  • 2018-08-02 05:20:21
  • Wentao Yuan, Tejas Khot, David Held, Christoph Mertz, Martial Hebert
  • 37


Shape completion, the problem of estimating the complete geometry of objectsfrom partial observations, lies at the core of many vision and roboticsapplications. In this work, we propose Point Completion Network (PCN), a novellearning-based approach for shape completion. Unlike existing shape completionmethods, PCN directly operates on raw point clouds without any structuralassumption (e.g. symmetry) or annotation (e.g. semantic class) about theunderlying shape. It features a decoder design that enables the generation offine-grained completions while maintaining a small number of parameters. Ourexperiments show that PCN produces dense, complete point clouds with realisticstructures in the missing regions on inputs with various levels ofincompleteness and noise, including cars from LiDAR scans in the KITTI dataset.


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