MC^2: A Multilingual Corpus of Minority Languages in China

  • 2023-11-14 17:45:50
  • Chen Zhang, Mingxu Tao, Quzhe Huang, Jiuheng Lin, Zhibin Chen, Yansong Feng
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Large-scale corpora play a vital role in the construction of large languagemodels (LLMs). However, existing LLMs exhibit limited abilities inunderstanding low-resource languages, including the minority languages inChina, due to a lack of training data. To improve the accessibility of theselanguages, we present MC^2, a Multilingual Corpus of Minority Languages inChina, which is the largest open-source corpus so far. It encompasses fourunderrepresented languages, i.e., Tibetan, Uyghur, Kazakh in the Kazakh Arabicscript, and Mongolian in the traditional Mongolian script. Notably, two writingsystems in MC^2 are long neglected in previous corpora. As we identify seriouscontamination in the low-resource language split in the existing multilingualcorpora, we propose a quality-centric solution for collecting MC^2,prioritizing quality and accuracy while enhancing representativeness anddiversity. By in-depth analysis, we demonstrate the new research challengesMC^2 brings, such as long-text modeling and multiplicity of writing systems. Wehope MC^2 can help enhance the equity of the underrepresented languages inChina and provide a reliable data foundation for further research onlow-resource languages.


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