To Tell The Truth: Language of Deception and Language Models

  • 2023-11-13 05:40:11
  • Bodhisattwa Prasad Majumder, Sanchaita Hazra
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Text-based misinformation permeates online discourses, yet evidence ofpeople's ability to discern truth from such deceptive textual content isscarce. We analyze a novel TV game show data where conversations in ahigh-stake environment between individuals with conflicting objectives resultin lies. We investigate the manifestation of potentially verifiable languagecues of deception in the presence of objective truth, a distinguishing featureabsent in previous text-based deception datasets. We show that there exists aclass of detectors (algorithms) that have similar truth detection performancecompared to human subjects, even when the former accesses only the languagecues while the latter engages in conversations with complete access to allpotential sources of cues (language and audio-visual). Our model, built on alarge language model, employs a bottleneck framework to learn discernible cuesto determine truth, an act of reasoning in which human subjects often performpoorly, even with incentives. Our model detects novel but accurate languagecues in many cases where humans failed to detect deception, opening up thepossibility of humans collaborating with algorithms and ameliorating theirability to detect the truth.


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