Language Grounded QFormer for Efficient Vision Language Understanding

  • 2023-11-13 16:30:49
  • Moulik Choraria, Nitesh Sekhar, Yue Wu, Xu Zhang, Prateek Singhal, Lav R. Varshney
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Large-scale pretraining and instruction tuning have been successful fortraining general-purpose language models with broad competencies. However,extending to general-purpose vision-language models is challenging due to thedistributional diversity in visual inputs. A recent line of work exploresvision-language instruction tuning, taking inspiration from the QueryTransformer (QFormer) approach proposed in BLIP-2 models for bridging frozenmodalities. However, these approaches rely heavily on large-scale multi-modalpretraining for representation learning before eventual finetuning, incurring ahuge computational overhead, poor scaling, and limited accessibility. To thatend, we propose a more efficient method for QFormer-based vision-languagealignment and demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategy compared toexisting baselines in improving the efficiency of vision-language pretraining.


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