Multi-Agent Quantum Reinforcement Learning using Evolutionary Optimization

  • 2023-11-09 17:45:32
  • Michael Kölle, Felix Topp, Thomy Phan, Philipp Altmann, Jonas Nüßlein, Claudia Linnhoff-Popien
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Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning is becoming increasingly more important intimes of autonomous driving and other smart industrial applications.Simultaneously a promising new approach to Reinforcement Learning arises usingthe inherent properties of quantum mechanics, reducing the trainable parametersof a model significantly. However, gradient-based Multi-Agent QuantumReinforcement Learning methods often have to struggle with barren plateaus,holding them back from matching the performance of classical approaches. Webuild upon a existing approach for gradient free Quantum Reinforcement Learningand propose tree approaches with Variational Quantum Circuits for Multi-AgentReinforcement Learning using evolutionary optimization. We evaluate ourapproach in the Coin Game environment and compare them to classical approaches.We showed that our Variational Quantum Circuit approaches perform significantlybetter compared to a neural network with a similar amount of trainableparameters. Compared to the larger neural network, our approaches archivesimilar results using $97.88\%$ less parameters.


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