Innovation and Word Usage Patterns in Machine Learning

  • 2023-11-07 00:41:15
  • VĂ­tor Bandeira Borges, Daniel Oliveira Cajueiro
  • 0


In this study, we delve into the dynamic landscape of machine learningresearch evolution. Initially, through the utilization of Latent DirichletAllocation, we discern pivotal themes and fundamental concepts that haveemerged within the realm of machine learning. Subsequently, we undertake acomprehensive analysis to track the evolutionary trajectories of theseidentified themes. To quantify the novelty and divergence of researchcontributions, we employ the Kullback-Leibler Divergence metric. Thisstatistical measure serves as a proxy for ``surprise'', indicating the extentof differentiation between the content of academic papers and the subsequentdevelopments in research. By amalgamating these insights, we gain the abilityto ascertain the pivotal roles played by prominent researchers and thesignificance of specific academic venues (periodicals and conferences) withinthe machine learning domain.


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