Transport, Variational Inference and Diffusions: with Applications to Annealed Flows and Schrödinger Bridges

  • 2023-11-06 01:42:53
  • Francisco Vargas, Shreyas Padhy, Denis Blessing, Nikolas Nüsken
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Connecting optimal transport and variational inference, we present aprincipled and systematic framework for sampling and generative modellingcentred around divergences on path space. Our work culminates in thedevelopment of the \emph{Controlled Monte Carlo Diffusion} sampler (CMCD) forBayesian computation, a score-based annealing technique that crucially adaptsboth forward and backward dynamics in a diffusion model. On the way, we clarifythe relationship between the EM-algorithm and iterative proportional fitting(IPF) for Schr{\"o}dinger bridges, deriving as well a regularised objectivethat bypasses the iterative bottleneck of standard IPF-updates. Finally, weshow that CMCD has a strong foundation in the Jarzinsky and Crooks identitiesfrom statistical physics, and that it convincingly outperforms competingapproaches across a wide array of experiments.


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