Neural Network Driven, Interactive Design for Nonlinear Optical Molecules Based on Group Contribution Method

  • 2023-09-15 18:36:27
  • Jinming Fan, Chao Qian, Shaodong Zhou
  • 0


A Lewis-mode group contribution method (LGC) -- multi-stage Bayesian neuralnetwork (msBNN) -- evolutionary algorithm (EA) framework is reported forrational design of D-Pi-A type organic small-molecule nonlinear opticalmaterials is presented. Upon combination of msBNN and corrected Lewis-modegroup contribution method (cLGC), different optical properties of molecules areafforded accurately and efficiently - by using only a small data set fortraining. Moreover, by employing the EA model designed specifically for LGC,structural search is well achievable. The logical origins of the wellperformance of the framework are discussed in detail. Considering that such atheory guided, machine learning framework combines chemical principles anddata-driven tools, most likely, it will be proven efficient to solve moleculardesign related problems in wider fields.


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