Dynamic control of self-assembly of quasicrystalline structures through reinforcement learning

  • 2023-09-13 11:26:08
  • Uyen Tu Lieu, Natsuhiko Yoshinaga
  • 0


We propose reinforcement learning to control the dynamical self-assembly ofthe dodecagonal quasicrystal (DDQC) from patchy particles. The patchy particleshave anisotropic interactions with other particles and form DDQC. However,their structures at steady states are significantly influenced by the kineticpathways of their structural formation. We estimate the best policy oftemperature control trained by the Q-learning method and demonstrate that wecan generate DDQC with few defects using the estimated policy. The temperatureschedule obtained by reinforcement learning can reproduce the desired structuremore efficiently than the conventional pre-fixed temperature schedule, such asannealing. To clarify the success of the learning, we also analyse a simplemodel describing the kinetics of structural changes through the motion in atriple-well potential. We have found that reinforcement learning autonomouslydiscovers the critical temperature at which structural fluctuations enhance thechance of forming a globally stable state. The estimated policy guides thesystem toward the critical temperature to assist the formation of DDQC.


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