Localization using Multi-Focal Spatial Attention for Masked Face Recognition

  • 2023-09-07 09:13:58
  • Yooshin Cho, Hanbyel Cho, Hyeong Gwon Hong, Jaesung Ahn, Dongmin Cho, JungWoo Chang, Junmo Kim
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Since the beginning of world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, facial masks have beenrecommended to limit the spread of the disease. However, these masks hidecertain facial attributes. Hence, it has become difficult for existing facerecognition systems to perform identity verification on masked faces. In thiscontext, it is necessary to develop masked Face Recognition (MFR) forcontactless biometric recognition systems. Thus, in this paper, we proposeComplementary Attention Learning and Multi-Focal Spatial Attention thatprecisely removes masked region by training complementary spatial attention tofocus on two distinct regions: masked regions and backgrounds. In our method,standard spatial attention and networks focus on unmasked regions, and extractmask-invariant features while minimizing the loss of the conventional FaceRecognition (FR) performance. For conventional FR, we evaluate the performanceon the IJB-C, Age-DB, CALFW, and CPLFW datasets. We evaluate the MFRperformance on the ICCV2021-MFR/Insightface track, and demonstrate the improvedperformance on the both MFR and FR datasets. Additionally, we empiricallyverify that spatial attention of proposed method is more precisely activated inunmasked regions.


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