Hybrid of representation learning and reinforcement learning for dynamic and complex robotic motion planning

  • 2023-09-07 16:00:49
  • Chengmin Zhou, Xin Lu, Jiapeng Dai, Bingding Huang, Xiaoxu Liu, Pasi Fränti
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Motion planning is the soul of robot decision making. Classical planningalgorithms like graph search and reaction-based algorithms face challenges incases of dense and dynamic obstacles. Deep learning algorithms generatesuboptimal one-step predictions that cause many collisions. Reinforcementlearning algorithms generate optimal or near-optimal time-sequentialpredictions. However, they suffer from slow convergence, suboptimal convergedresults, and overfittings. This paper introduces a hybrid algorithm for roboticmotion planning: long short-term memory (LSTM) pooling and skip connection forattention-based discrete soft actor critic (LSA-DSAC). First, graph network(relational graph) and attention network (attention weight) interpret theenvironmental state for the learning of the discrete soft actor criticalgorithm. The expressive power of attention network outperforms that of graphin our task by difference analysis of these two representation methods.However, attention based DSAC faces the overfitting problem in training.Second, the skip connection method is integrated to attention based DSAC tomitigate overfitting and improve convergence speed. Third, LSTM pooling istaken to replace the sum operator of attention weigh and eliminate overfittingby slightly sacrificing convergence speed at early-stage training. Experimentsshow that LSA-DSAC outperforms the state-of-the-art in training and mostevaluations. The physical robot is also implemented and tested in the realworld.


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