HAE-RAE Bench: Evaluation of Korean Knowledge in Language Models

  • 2023-09-06 05:38:16
  • Guijin Son, Hanwool Lee, Suwan Kim, Jaecheol Lee, Je Won Yeom, Jihyu Jung, Jung Woo Kim, Songseong Kim
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Large Language Models (LLMs) pretrained on massive corpora exhibit remarkablecapabilities across a wide range of tasks, however, the attention given tonon-English languages has been limited in this field of research. To addressthis gap and assess the proficiency of language models in the Korean languageand culture, we present HAE-RAE Bench, covering 6 tasks including vocabulary,history, and general knowledge. Our evaluation of language models on thisbenchmark highlights the potential advantages of employing LargeLanguage-Specific Models(LLSMs) over a comprehensive, universal model likeGPT-3.5. Remarkably, our study reveals that models approximately 13 timessmaller than GPT-3.5 can exhibit similar performance levels in terms oflanguage-specific knowledge retrieval. This observation underscores theimportance of homogeneous corpora for training professional-levellanguage-specific models. On the contrary, we also observe a perplexingperformance dip in these smaller LMs when they are tasked to generatestructured answers.


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