An Adaptive Learning Method of Deep Belief Network by Layer Generation Algorithm

  • 2018-07-11 08:04:14
  • Shin Kamada, Takumi Ichimura
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Deep Belief Network (DBN) has a deep architecture that represents multiplefeatures of input patterns hierarchically with the pre-trained RestrictedBoltzmann Machines (RBM). A traditional RBM or DBN model cannot change itsnetwork structure during the learning phase. Our proposed adaptive learningmethod can discover the optimal number of hidden neurons and weights and/orlayers according to the input space. The model is an important method to takeaccount of the computational cost and the model stability. The regularities tohold the sparse structure of network is considerable problem, since theextraction of explicit knowledge from the trained network should be required.In our previous research, we have developed the hybrid method of adaptivestructural learning method of RBM and Learning Forgetting method to the trainedRBM. In this paper, we propose the adaptive learning method of DBN that candetermine the optimal number of layers during the learning. We evaluated ourproposed model on some benchmark data sets.


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