On Optimal Regularization Parameters via Bilevel Learning

  • 2023-09-06 12:47:47
  • Matthias J. Ehrhardt, Silvia Gazzola, Sebastian J. Scott
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Variational regularization is commonly used to solve linear inverse problems,and involves augmenting a data fidelity by a regularizer. The regularizer isused to promote a priori information and is weighted by a regularizationparameter. Selection of an appropriate regularization parameter is critical,with various choices leading to very different reconstructions. Classicalstrategies used to determine a suitable parameter value include the discrepancyprinciple and the L-curve criterion, and in recent years a supervised machinelearning approach called bilevel learning has been employed. Bilevel learningis a powerful framework to determine optimal parameters and involves solving anested optimization problem. While previous strategies enjoy varioustheoretical results, the well-posedness of bilevel learning in this setting isstill an open question. In particular, a necessary property is positivity ofthe determined regularization parameter. In this work, we provide a newcondition that better characterizes positivity of optimal regularizationparameters than the existing theory. Numerical results verify and explore thisnew condition for both small and high-dimensional problems.


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