Matcha-TTS: A fast TTS architecture with conditional flow matching

  • 2023-09-06 18:59:57
  • Shivam Mehta, Ruibo Tu, Jonas Beskow, Éva Székely, Gustav Eje Henter
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We introduce Matcha-TTS, a new encoder-decoder architecture for speedy TTSacoustic modelling, trained using optimal-transport conditional flow matching(OT-CFM). This yields an ODE-based decoder capable of high output quality infewer synthesis steps than models trained using score matching. Careful designchoices additionally ensure each synthesis step is fast to run. The method isprobabilistic, non-autoregressive, and learns to speak from scratch withoutexternal alignments. Compared to strong pre-trained baseline models, theMatcha-TTS system has the smallest memory footprint, rivals the speed of thefastest models on long utterances, and attains the highest mean opinion scorein a listening test. Please see foraudio examples, code, and pre-trained models.


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