SimArch: A Multi-agent System For Human Path Simulation In Architecture Design

  • 2018-07-10 17:04:49
  • Yen-Chia Hsu
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Human moving path is an important feature in architecture design. By studyingthe path, architects know where to arrange the basic elements (e.g. structures,glasses, furniture, etc.) in the space. This paper presents SimArch, amulti-agent system for human moving path simulation. It involves a behaviormodel built by using a Markov Decision Process. The model simulates humanmental states, target range detection, and collision prediction when agents areon the floor, in a particular small gallery, looking at an exhibit, or leavingthe floor. It also models different kinds of human characteristics by assigningdifferent transition probabilities. A modified weighted A* search algorithmquickly plans the sub-optimal path of the agents. In an experiment, SimArchtakes a series of preprocessed floorplans as inputs, simulates the moving path,and outputs a density map for evaluation. The density map provides theprediction that how likely a person will occur in a location. A followingdiscussion illustrates how architects can use the density map to improve theirfloorplan design.


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